Indian arrested for offering hundreds of Muslim women, including Malala, for auction

MUMBAI: Indian police have arrested and produced in court a 21-year-old Indian extremist who auctioned off hundreds of prominent Muslim women, including Malala.

According to foreign media, the Indian extremist who was auctioning Muslim women online by sharing pictures and information of Muslim women on a website called ‘Billi Bai’ was caught by Mumbai police.
The Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Crime Cell took action after receiving several complaints.

According to the report, Mumbai Police have arrested 21-year-old Vishal Kumar, a resident of Bangalore and produced him in court, who was running a website called Billy Bai. Has been handed over.

The magistrate’s court also allowed the Mumbai police to search Vishal Kumar’s Bangalore home and confiscate his belongings so that further investigation could be carried out.

According to Indian media reports, Mumbai Police has registered seven cases, including blasphemy, against online auctioneers of Muslim women at the request of Ismat Ara, a female journalist affected by the ion auction case.

It is believed that the Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Crime Wing has arrested Vishal Kumar, an engineering student, with the help of the IP address of his Twitter account through which he used to share pictures of Muslim women.

Police have also arrested a woman from Uttarakhand, who also knows Vishal Kumar, in connection with an online auction of Muslim women.

100 Muslim women, including Malala, put up for auction in India

Last year, hundreds of Muslim women shared photos of themselves on the Gut Hub website Sally Deals and were put up for online auction.

Within a year, unknown individuals created another website on Gut Hub called ‘Billi Bai’ in which photos and information of 100 influential Muslim women, including the youngest Nobel laureate Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai, were shared online. Was put up for auction.

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