Indian army started extrajudicial killing of unwitting border crossers

Kashmiri and Pakistani citizens who unknowingly crossed the border became victims of Indian brutality day by day while their extrajudicial killings were started.

On the one hand, the market of persecution and brutality in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir was heated, while on the other hand, new examples of brutality were established on the border belt as well. Fulfilling human rights obligations on the border belt is also very important.

55-year-old Parveen Fatima from Azad Kashmir unknowingly crossed the border in search of herbs and was brutally killed by the Indian Army.

2 Pakistani citizens of Umarkot mistakenly reached the Zero Line and were killed by the Indian Army. 65-year-old Ramzan and 20-year-old Shahabuddin were recently killed by the Indian Army.

The Pakistani authorities demanded the return of the martyrs, but the Indian forces delayed this too. Killing innocent citizens and delaying the return of dead bodies is inhumane and unprofessional.

On the other hand, Raju, an Indian citizen, crossed the border and entered Pakistan. Pakistan decided to send Raju back to India on humanitarian grounds.

Will the Modi government and the Indian forces ever change their stubborn ways?

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