India: The plane got stuck under the bridge

New Delhi: Citizens in India were shocked to see a plane stranded under a footover bridge, according to the company, which was being delivered to its new owner after sale.

According to Indian media, a video went viral on social media on Sunday morning in which it can be seen that an Air India plane is stuck under a footover bridge.

In this 40-second clip, it can be seen that the plane is stuck under the bridge on Gurgram Highway near Delhi Airport. After watching the video, users commented on how the plane got here.

The plane also blocked one side of the highway while vehicles were passing by as usual.

Air India later clarified that the aircraft had been sold by Air India and was being delivered to the new owner, during which a strange situation arose.

According to Air India, this is an old scrapped aircraft that has been sold, the company did not release details about the buyer.


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