India: The bus driver was drunk, the passenger had to drive the bus

Agra: In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the passenger had to drive the bus due to the drunkenness of a government bus driver.

According to Indian media reports, the driver of the government bus in the Indian city of Agra was drunk, due to which an engineer drove the bus and transported 50 passengers to the destination.

The passengers panicked when they realized that the driver was drunk, but later the passenger drove the bus for about 70 km from Agra to Mathura.

The video of the incident surfaced on social media, the bus was on its way to its destination on Thursday night when the bus driver made such a move that the passengers narrowly escaped the accident.

When the passengers asked the bus driver to drive the bus properly, he got angry, then it was found that the bus driver was drunk. Couldn’t even stand up.

The bus was stalled on the road to Agra at night, with no other choice, a passenger took over the steering wheel, and steered the bus safely to Mathura.

When the authorities got information about the incident, they ordered an investigation.

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