India team surrounded by both sides after defeating second ODI match

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Rohit Sharma Rahul Dravid

IND vs. WI: Let’s say captain Rohit Sharma or head coach Rahul Dravid, whoever decided the playing XI and batting order of the India team, is now surrounded on both sides. Neither the new path is being followed nor the decision that was made before is going well. In such a situation, the Indian team is now surrounded on both sides and the last game of the series is just one day away. The series is even right now and whichever team wins Game 3, that series will be captured.

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The last ODI match of the India vs West Indies series on 1 August

The last match of the ODI series to be played between India and West Indies will be played on August 1. The India team won the first match, but in the second match, the West Indies struck back and won the match to level the series. However, it must be said that the Indian team itself gifted the second match to the West Indies. Let’s start with the first match. When captain Rohit Sharma and former captain Virat Kohli were in the team, but I don’t know who decided that Rohit and Kohli would not bat in this match. As the Indian team went down to chase a small score, namely 114 runs, Ishaan Kishan and Shubman Gill landed as openers. Rohit Sharma was expected to come after this but neither Rohit Sharma nor Virat Kohli made it to number three, Suryakumar Yadav makes it there. The limit was reached when Rohit Sharma didn’t even make it to number four, five and six and before that, Shardul Thakur was sent out to bat. When the entire batting order is out, Rohit Sharma comes to the crease at number seven. Instead, Virat Kohli’s hitting didn’t come at all.

The India team badly lost the second match of the ODI series under the captaincy of Hardik Pandya

After this, even more amazing happened in the second ODI. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were also dropped from Team India’s playing XI and the captaincy was given to Hardik Pandya. Even worse happened in this match. The India team came out to bat first and in the full 40.5 overs, the entire team was dismissed by scoring 181 runs. West Indies achieved the target with the loss of four wickets in 36.4 overs and the India team’s pole position came out completely. Now the situation has become such that the danger of the series getting out of hand has come to the fore. Nobody knows what the captain and coach would be thinking in a situation like this.

Coach Rahul Dravid is heavily stuck ahead of third ODI

The job that the Indian team should have done in the last match, they did in the first two matches and now the matter is stuck. Teams often experiment when the series has been won, i.e. the first two games of the three game series were won with full intensity and new and young players should have had a chance in the last one. Will manager Rahul Dravid make the bold decision to keep Rohit and Virat Kohli out of the starting XI for the final game as well? Or it will be very interesting to see if he comes on the field with all his might with the intention of winning the series with the best XI playing. If the last game ends with the strongest XI playing, then it must be accepted that whatever experiments manager Rahul Dravid tried turned out to be a failure.

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