In about three months, the whole of Indian cricket changed. It started with Virat Kohli’s decision to step down as captain of the T20 format ahead of the T20 World Cup in October. Virat had announced on social media that he will no longer captain in T20 cricket. Since then, questions have been raised as to whether Virat will now step down from the ODI cricket captaincy as well.

After this, the Indian team went to the United Arab Emirates to play the World Cup. Where the Indian team failed to reach the semi-finals after defeats to Pakistan and New Zealand. Following the return of the Indian team, the crowd was waiting to see which new faces had a chance in the Test and ODI team against South Africa. But then the team selection email arrived and the controversy began. The controversy was not about the selection of the team, but about a line written at the bottom of the email. That line was that Virat Kohli will no longer be the captain of the ODI team. This responsibility is handed over to Rohit Sharma in his place.

It was said on behalf of the board that when Virat was asked not to step down from the captaincy before the T20 World Cup he did not agree and because of this he was removed from the ODI cricket captaincy. Because the selection committee wants the same captain in both formats of cue ball cricket.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly had also stated that he himself spoke to Virat and asked him not to give up the captaincy, Virat denied that he had no choice before the BCCI and therefore Rohit was given the captaincy.

In addition, the controversy reached its peak when Virat said in the press conference prior to his trip to South Africa that he had not spoken with Sourav Ganguly nor had he been asked by the BCCI not to leave the captaincy. Rather, when he decided to step down as captain of T20, the board had welcomed him. Virat then also said that the selectors had informed him of this decision only 90 minutes before the decision was made.

Controversy broke out on social networks about who is telling the truth and who is lying. Sourav or Virat?

Meanwhile, the Test series started and Team India won the Test Match for the first time at Centurion. It was a historic victory for Indian cricket. With this, the team also took a 1-0 lead in the series. For the first time in three decades, the Indian team had a chance to win a test series in South Africa. If he had won the Johannesburg or Cape Town event, it would have been historic.

Virat was unable to play due to a back injury on the Johannesburg pitch and in this test match KL Rahul was the captain. In the last innings of this match, South Africa defeated India chasing 240 runs. This was followed by the final test match of the series in Cape Town. In his first innings, Virat’s bat ran. He played a brilliant 79-run inning. Here it was felt that the 26-month drought was going to end, but it could not be. South Africa also won the match and series in Cape Town by chasing down 212 runs in the fourth inning.

The India team continued to cross the last frontier

Just one day after the game, it was 6:44 in the afternoon and suddenly a tweet came out. In this, Virat said that he is also giving up the captaincy of Test Cricket.

If the sources are to be believed, on Saturday morning, Virat spoke with BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Jay Shah and told them about his decision, after BCCI’s consent, he tweeted this in the evening. Now Rohit Sharma will probably also be named captain in Test and Virat will play the 100th Test match of his career under Rohit’s captaincy in Bangalore.



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