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India team did not get any finisher after Dhoni, Rohit named this player

India team did not get any finisher after Dhoni, Rohit named this player

India captain Rohit Sharma said on Saturday that the team has not found a finalist after the retirement of former captain MS Dhoni from international cricket and hopes to get a finalist before next year’s ODIs. When asked about the role of the finalist (especially the sixth and seventh in the batting order), Rohit admitted that he needs to prepare more backup besides Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja.

Rohit said on the eve of the first ODI against the West Indies: “The role of a finalist in ODIs is very important, but since MS Dhoni’s retirement, we haven’t found anyone who can fit the role.”

He said: “We tried Hardik, even Jadeja played. But we need to create more support for this slot. Players who have opportunities in this series hope to take advantage of these opportunities and strengthen their place in the team.

Captain Rohit said: “A finisher hits at a crucial stage and often his contribution can turn the tide of the game.”

The reporter asked a question related to cheering on the youth players: “The way you and Shikhar came forward as starters in the 2013 Champions Trophy, would you give the youth players a chance, as it has been adopted so far? the same approach? Rohit smiled and said, “So you’re saying that Shikhar and I went out and found Ishaan Kishan and Rituraj Gaikwad for ‘opening’ (tickets)?”

The reporter said, “No, I’m saying that if one of you does this, we’ll probably get the same results we got when they opened the tickets.” Rohit said: “Yes. We got results. But if you are talking about the top three, they have been a consistent performer for the last couple of years. So yes, the youngsters will have their chances and the way Ishaan will continue to have chances.

He said: “We have to play a lot of games in the future so the batsmen will have a lot of chances. Shikhar Dhawan batted well in South Africa, now he has covid, even Rutu has covid so Ishaan has a chance, so the youngsters they will still have opportunities, but how you use them, that’s what’s important.”

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