Home Science India successfully lands on the moon’s south pole

India successfully lands on the moon’s south pole

India successfully lands on the moon's south pole

India’s space mission Chandrayaan-3 landed successfully on the moon’s south pole, after a complex descent maneuver on the surface of the satellite’s southernmost side, which has never been explored before. “We made a soft landing on the moon,” announced the chief executive officer of the Indian space research organization. Sreedhara Panic.

Chandrayaan-3 needed 40 days for your tour since launch on July 14 with India’s largest and heaviest launch vehicle. This complex maneuver has made India the fourth country to land on the moon, a feat only achieved by the United States, Russia and China.

The Indian Prime Minister who Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi, who is currently in South Africa to attend the BRICS Leaders’ Summit, took a break from attending to watch the moon landing moment online. “These historic moments become eternal consciousness of the life of the nation. “This moment is unforgettable, unprecedented, it is the moment of a trumpet call from a developed India, it is a victory cry for the new India,” said the visibly moved Prime Minister.

The moon landing is on Special success for India, whose previous mission failed in 2019, the Chandrayaan-2, which had the same goal and failed to touch the lunar surface just as it was decelerating. On that occasion, the country’s memory was marked by the image of the Prime Minister attempting to comfort the then head of ISRO, Kailasavadivoo Sivan, with a hug, who burst into tears from failure. “We made a promise on earth and kept it on the moon. Our scientific comrades have declared: ‘India is now on the moon,'” Modi added today.

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