India should crack down on miscreants so that Bangladeshi Hindus do not get in trouble: Sheikh Hasina

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that India should crack down on miscreants in its country so that Hindus in Bangladesh do not face difficulties.

According to the BBC, Sheikh Hasina has advised India that it should deal harshly with miscreants and there should be nothing in India that would affect our country and cause hardship to Hindus in our country.

Sheikh Hasina said that if something like this happens in India then Hindus are affected in our country. India also needs to be careful in this regard.

Sheikh Hasina said that we have also been affected by the growing terrorist activities around the world and not only us but also the neighboring country has to be careful about it.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh further said that those who attacked the place of Durga Puja and temples of the Hindu community in which 4 people were killed would not be spared.

Sheikh Hasina said that we are getting a lot of information that this is the age of modern technology. We will definitely catch those involved in the attack.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh has also asked the Hindus of Bangladesh not to consider themselves a minority and continue to perform their rituals like people of other religions.


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