CHENNAI: Shocking scenes are being witnessed in India after bulldozers hit homes, a woman was forced to cook on the street after losing her home in an anti-encroachment campaign, images of which have angered people. I have suffered.

The Indian News Agency has shared such images on Twitter, reflecting the plight of citizens affected by the ongoing anti-encroachment drive across India, which has raised public anger against the Modi government.

The photos show a woman cooking on the street after her house collapsed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Later cooking in the ruins.

Talking to the media, the woman said with great frustration, “We have our house papers, it was dropped without any notice, I have started cooking here on the streets because I have no one to go to.” No place

The woman said that the officials said that they would give houses only to those who have three members in the family through the housing scheme. They have made us all homeless, I have my sick mother and my children, and I’m not going anywhere.

It is to be noted that anti-encroachment campaign is going on in different parts of the country except Chennai. The Supreme Court has refused to consider the petition against the demolition campaign. On the other hand, Aam Aadmi Party and Congress residents and workers are protesting against the campaign.