India: Muslim women’s internet app auctioned once again

In India, Hindu extremists have once again put the names of prominent Muslim women up for auction on an internet app. The new application is named “Billy Bai”.

According to local media, the new application was built on Microsoft’s software sharing platform ‘GitHub’. According to NDTV, Gut Hub has blocked the user who created the application on the platform after complaints were lodged by the people.

Indian journalist Ismat Arai’s name is also among the women put up for auction, to whom a friend sent a screenshot of an application called ‘Billy Bai’. Ismat shared a screenshot message on Twitter in which she said that it is very sad that as a Muslim woman you have to start the new year with a feeling of fear and hatred, of course I am not alone. Which is being targeted in this new version of ‘Sully Deals’.

The screenshot shared by the rapist reads ‘Your Bully By The Day Is’ and below is a picture of him.

Earlier, Muslim women were targeted by extremists in India through an Internet application. , In which pictures of prominent Muslim women from various walks of life were uploaded, along with words like ‘Deals of the Day’ were used, which meant ‘auctioning’ women on the internet.

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It should be noted that ‘Suli’ is a defamatory word used by Hindu extremists in India to ridicule Muslim women.

Women who have been targeted by the ‘Billi Bai’ application say that if action had been taken against the people behind the application for the first time, it would not have happened again today.

Hina Mohsin Khan says in her Twitter message, “What kind of country is this, what kind of social system is this where the police and the government allow online auction of their women? Can such a country be called civilized?”

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The Twitter account ‘Me to India’, created to raise the voice of women’s rights, raised the question, ‘What happened to those who started’ Sully Deals’, when will the police and authorities wake up? Despite giving hundreds of messages (complaints) to the police and requesting arrest of the accused, how is violence against women still going on?

Indian Minister for Information Technology Ashwin Vishnu has said that Gut Hub has confirmed that it has blocked the user who created the new application. The government’s ‘Computer Emergency Response Team’ and police officials are working to take action against the accused. Delhi Police also said that action has been directed against the accused.


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