India Israel Relations: Now Israel will help to change the Indian education model after irrigation

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India Israel Relations


  • 24-member delegation has gone to Israel
  • FICCI Arise is a group of advocates for progressive schools in India
  • Indian intelligence agencies and army officers also undergo special training in Israel.

India Israel Relations, A 24-member delegation of India’s top academicians has gone to Israel. On this tour, he is researching innovation-based education systems and successful educational models. Let us tell you that Israel has been successfully piloting an innovation-based education system with the help of data analytics and artificial intelligence for a long time. The Indian delegation also visited several Israeli institutions, colleges, universities and institutions over six days. Based on the information received from this, suggestions will be given to improve the education system in Indian schools as well.

cooperation in agriculture

Israel and India are already cooperating very closely in the military and agricultural sectors. Israel has helped teach India drip irrigation techniques. Along with this, many techniques have also been shared regarding agriculture in desert areas. Indian intelligence agencies and army officers also undergo special training in Israel.

Importance of using state-of-the-art technologies

The travel arrangements have been made by FICCI ARIS (Alliance for Re-imagining School Education) in coordination with the Ministry of Finance of India, the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi and the Foreign Trade Administration of Israel. FICCI Arise is a group of advocates for progressive schools in India. In a statement, the group said the purpose of the visit is to provide Indian academics an opportunity to understand and experience the Israeli education system model at the K-12 (Kindergarten to Class 12) level. Also, they need to be exposed to dynamic and flexible policies, successful educational tools and models using cutting edge technologies such as data analytics and artificial intelligence to drive change in schools to prepare their students for the needs.

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Need to strengthen education sector

During the visit from 21 to 26 August, the delegation visited Israel’s Ministry of Education, Israel Institute for Export and International Cooperation, Taseida, Perez Center for Peace and Innovation, Start-up Nation Central, Mindset and Shimon Peres High School among others. and participated in several interactive sessions. The delegation also appealed to India’s Ambassador to Israel Sanjeev Singla to explore ways to “strengthen cooperation in the field of education between the two vibrant democracies”. Israel’s Ambassador to India Naor Ginn said that this is the first delegation of its kind from FICCI ARIS, which has reached Israel from India to learn about the innovations inherent in Israel’s education system. He said that both sides shared knowledge and best practices during the visit. He also advocated special attention to opportunities for cooperation in the education sector.

How Israel Achieved Entrepreneurship in Schooling

Shishir Jaipuria, President, FICCI ARIS and Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Institutions said that India has done an excellent job of ensuring access to school education in remote rural areas. The challenge today is to provide outcome-based learning through ethical reporting of data and ensure stakeholder accountability. He said that this is possible only with intelligent use of technology. We also need to learn how Israel has effectively incorporated entrepreneurship-based learning into school education, giving students the benefit of expert mentorship and skill development at an early stage.

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