India forgot the etiquette of hosting, Jaishankar insulted Pakistan

New Delhi: India has forgotten the etiquette of hosting, Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar insulted Pakistan.

According to the details, when Pakistan showed the real face of India to the world by sitting in India, the Modi government was on fire.

The Indian Foreign Minister even called Bilawal Bhutto a spokesman for the terrorist industry, and said that he treated Bilawal Zardari at his expense.

India, which has been inflicting the worst atrocities on Kashmiris for years, has declared Pakistan as a terrorist. Jaishankar said that I have treated Bilawal as he is, that is, as a promoter and supporter of terrorism, and I am sorry to say that he is the mouthpiece of the terrorist industry, which is the specialty of Pakistan.

He insulted further and said that the victims of terrorism cannot sit with the facilitators of terrorism and discuss terrorism, Bilawal came here and spoke hypocritically as if we are in the same boat.

Jaishankar, flouting diplomatic etiquette, said that Pakistan’s reputation is declining faster than its foreign exchange reserves.

Bilawal Bhutto clarified that negotiations with India are not possible

It should be noted that Bilawal Bhutto, while holding a press conference in Karachi, said that India tries to give the impression that every Muslim is a terrorist, but when Bilawal sits in front of them, his false narrative is broken, he said. The reason for the criticism of the Indian foreign minister is his insecurity.

Bilawal said that Pakistan’s principled position is that negotiations cannot take place until the illegal action of Kashmir is withdrawn, India’s termination of the special status of Occupied Kashmir is illegal. He said that I responded to the Hindutva propaganda of BJP and RSS in Goa, how long will India hide from the UN resolutions. Earlier, while addressing the meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Bilawal had declared India’s flagrant diplomatic point-scoring related to terrorism.

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