India: fed up with police fines, a young man set his bicycle on fire

According to Indian media, the incident took place in the state of Gujarat. On Sunday night, Mouza was involved in a search of police vehicles near Gotapur, where he detained a young man named Sangpa.

The police stopped the young man’s motorcycle, looked at the documents and checked the pending challans. According to the police, the youths already had to pay 5,000 rupees challans.

The police ordered the young man to pay for the pending challans and fired him.

However, Sangpa, who was discouraged by the police taking photos and imposing fines in various places and was unable to pay the fines, was enraged when he got home. As soon as he got home, he sprayed gasoline on his motorcycle and started it. fire.

According to Indian media, the young man belonged to a poor family and could not afford the challan.

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