India; Demonstrators attacked the police station, 36 officers were injured

Angry protesters attacked a police station in India, injuring 36 officers.

According to foreign media, on Sunday night in the Indian state of Kerala, angry fishermen attacked the police station while protesting against a port project of Gautam Adani, the richest person in Asia, as a result of which 36 officers were injured while in clashes with the police. Several protesters were also injured.

The protestors say that the project is causing sea erosion which has destroyed their livelihood. The fishermen’s protest has been going on for the past 100 days, blocking the roads leading to the project site. .

Many fishermen say that their houses have also been destroyed as a result of sea erosion caused by the project and they are forced to live in temporary shelters. They are working on this project according to environmental laws. The cause of sea erosion is not this project but climate change.

On Sunday, protesters stopped the company’s vehicles at the project site, after which the police detained several people. The fishermen started protesting outside the police station for the release of their colleagues. A case has been registered against 3 thousand people while 900 policemen have been deployed in the area to maintain law and order.

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