India bans Muslim organization Popular Front of India

The Indian government has banned the famous Muslim organization ‘Popular Front of India’ (PFI) and other related organizations for 5 years after raids at various places and arrests of hundreds of Muslim leaders.

The Modi government launched a series of nationwide raids against the Popular Front of India a few days ago and arrested PFI leaders and hundreds of activists on charges of terrorism.

The extremist BJP government banned PFI and its affiliates under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

The Ministry of Interior has said in an order that this organization with external funds and ideas has become a major threat to the internal security of the country.

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has also accused the PFI of having links with global terrorist groups such as the extremist group ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The notification further states that the Popular Front of India and its associates or affiliates have been involved in illegal activities.

The Indian government has claimed that the PFI has been involved in extremist activities and its links with the terrorist organization ‘Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh’ have also been found.

According to the Home Ministry notice, PFI-affiliated Rehab India Foundation (RIF), Campus Front of India (CFI), National Confederation of Human Rights Organization, All India Imam Council, National Women’s Front, Junior Front and An organization called Empower India Foundation has also been banned with immediate effect.

Earlier, the Hindu nationalist party BJP’s state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat had also recommended a ban on the Popular Front of India.

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The Indian Home Ministry claims that if PFI and its affiliates are not banned immediately, it may radicalize a certain section of the society (Muslims) along with promoting anti-national sentiments.

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