India: accused of attempted rape, he will have to wash the clothes of the 2,000 women in his village for six months

An Indian accused of attempted rape has been released on bail on condition that he wash and iron the laundry of all the women in his village for six months.

The man, a launderer by profession, was arrested last April. According to the court ruling on Wednesday, he will have to buy detergents and all the equipment necessary for washing and ironing the laundry of about 2,000 women from Majhor, his village in the state of Bihar.

“All the women in the village are happy with the court’s decision,” Nasima Khatoon, head of the village council, told Agence France-Presse reporter.

“It’s a historic decision. This will strengthen respect for women and help protect their dignity, ”she added.

Rape still too little condemned

The villagers believe that this decision had a positive impact by making crime against women a subject of debate and discussion in their community.

Indian laws were toughened after the gang rape of a young woman in New Delhi in 2012. The case shocked the world.

More than 28,000 rapes were reported in the country in 2020. Police have long been criticized for not doing enough to prevent violent crime and not sufficiently bringing cases of sexual assault to court.

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