India: a Russian elected official found dead in suspicious conditions

Simple accident or settling of accounts ? Indian police announced on Tuesday (December 27th) that they were investigating the sudden death of a wealthy Russian politician, alleged author in June of a message criticizing the war in Ukraine. The body of Pavel Antov, 65, a deputy of a regional parliament in Russia, was discovered in a pool of blood in front of the hotel where he was spending his vacation. He allegedly fell to his death from the hotel terrace, authorities said.

Two days earlier, another member of his Russian tour group, Vladimir Bidenov, had been found dead in the same hotel. He died of a heart attack, apparently caused by alcohol abuse and a possible drug overdose, according to the regional police chief. Surveillance camera footage and questioning of hotel staff revealed no clues to suggest a homicide.

As for Pavel Antov, “He was probably disturbed by the death of his friend and went to the terrace of the hotel from where he probably fell to his death”explained the police chief.

One of Russia’s richest elected officials

In June, Russian media published a WhatsApp message attributed to Pavel Antov stating that Russian bombings of Ukraine were acts of “terrorism”. The chosen one had denied having written this message, evoking a misunderstanding and affirming that he supported “special military operation”official formula of the authorities to designate the war carried out by Russia against Ukraine.

This member of President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party had been a deputy of a regional parliament located 150 km east of Moscow since 2018. A food magnate, he found himself, in 2019, at the top of the list of the richest deputies and politicians in Russia, established by the Russian edition of the magazine Forbes. Several Russian oligarchs have died in suspicious circumstances since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

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