Independent goes through the worst moment of his extraordinary football history. Since he played his first championship in the first division in 1912, he never had to wait, like now, 19 years to win it. His last consecration dates from 2002, when, directed by Américo Gallego, he won the Apertura tournament that year. Since then, it has only won two South American Cups (2010) and 2017) between which it bottomed out and went downhill in the 2012/2013 season. Of that national pride to which the club’s march sings, only the emotional memory of its millions of fans and the faded photos of those 25 exceptional years between 1960 and 1984 in which Rojo de Avellaneda formed notable teams, lifted seven Libertadores Cups, two Intercontinental, 3 Inter-American and won eight local titles.

The leadership that Hugo Moyano embodies seems to have long ago found the sports, institutional and economic responses to reverse a situation that afflicts when looking at the red-hot court and balances, with an updated liability of almost four billion pesos. But the change that appears for the decisive elections on December 19 is still disturbing.

The journalist Fabián Doman, the animator Juan Marconi and the current mayor of Lanús, Néstor Grindetti, make up a list of net macrista mints who intends to unseat the Moyano family to turn the club into a political head of Together for Change. The disembarkation of characters close to former president Mauricio Macri ended up breaking all the efforts that were being made to agree on a single opposition list and driving away other powerful actors from the red inmate such as businessman Daniel Grinbank and the former tennis player and current lobbyist for Arab capitals Gastón Gaudio, who decided to withdraw from the arduous negotiations.

Burdened by the repetition of bad campaigns and the feeling that the club seems thrown into a hopeless slope, The long-suffering partner of Independiente only wants to get rid of Hugo Moyano’s management, who has not yet confirmed whether or not he will stand for reelection, and bet on something that is new and better. The danger is to buy colored mirrors again. And believe again in the unsupported promises of those who claim to attract investors who will eliminate liabilities, pay debts and bring reinforcements of hierarchy to win cups and championships again.

There do not seem to be any better political options in Independiente of the style of Hugo Moyano and of the privatist bias that will have a hypothetical future management in charge of Fabian Doman. And that’s the worrying thing. Run by the bad results, the partners run the risk of having to choose very early between the bad and the worst. Knowing in advance that it will be very difficult to renew the brilliance of a greatness that is increasingly distant in time but increasingly present in the memory of millions of fans.



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