Home Sports IND vs WI: Tilak Verma’s innings vs West Indies captured the hearts...

IND vs WI: Tilak Verma’s innings vs West Indies captured the hearts of fans, how’s the journey so far…

IND vs WI: Tilak Verma's innings vs West Indies captured the hearts of fans, how's the journey so far...

The excellent form of the Indian side’s young batsman Tilak Verma continues. After the IPL, Tilak Verma continues to impress in international cricket. Tilak Verma hit two sixes in the first three balls of his debut game. At the same time, Tilak Verma played an excellent half-century in the second game of the 5 T20 series against the West Indies. In fact, in the Guyana T20 game, most of the Indian batsmen struggled on the field, but Tilak Verma scored easily.

Tilak Verma played a brilliant inning of 51 runs, 41 balls in the Guyana T20 against West Indies. He hit five fours and one six in his innings. Thanks to Tilak Verma’s brilliant innings, Team India managed to hit 151 runs in 20 overs. This young batsman has formed a good partnership with Hardik Pandya in difficult situations. However, Tilak Verma was fired by Okil Hausen after crossing the half-century mark, but by then he had done his job.

Tilak Verma made his international debut in the first T20 game against the West Indies. In that match, Tilak Verma played an inning with 39 runs and 22 balls. Tilak Verma hit two fours and three sixes in his first inning. This is how Tilak Verma has scored 90 runs in his first two T20 games. In fact, Tilak Verma played many brilliant innings for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. After that, this young batting team was admitted in India. Now Tilak Verma’s strength is showing in Team India. Apart from that, Tilak Verma has played many brilliant innings in domestic cricket.

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