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IND vs WI ODI Series: This is Rohit Sharma’s ODI record as captain

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  • The first match of the three-match ODI series will take place on February 6.
  • Rohit Sharma will enter the field as full-time captain
  • All three games of the series will be played in Ahmedabad.

IND vs. WI ODI Series: There is little time left for the three-match ODI series between India and West Indies to begin. However, the Indian team suffered a major setback when some of their players and staff were found to be corona positive. However, a few more players have been included in the team. Now, Rohit Sharma will enter the field for the first time as a full-time captain. Even before this Rohit Sharma had captained the Indian team but Virat Kohli used to be on rest or for some other reason but now he has become a full time captain.

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Not only will Rohit Sharma be tested as a captain in this series, but how he performs as a batsman will also be observed. So far, Rohit Sharma has captained the Indian team in ten ODIs. In this he has scored 543 runs. Rohit Sharma’s average has been just over 77, while he has also racked up two centuries and two half-centuries under his captaincy. It also includes a double century. He is only the second captain in One Day Internationals to score a double century as captain. That is, looking at the figures, it seems that its performance has been good. Now we have to see how he behaves with Virat Kohli.

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Earlier on Friday, the Indian team’s quarantine time was over and after that, the team went to the field to practice. Except for Shikhar Dhawan, Ruturaj Gaikwad and Shreyas Iyer, the entire Indian team entered the field and practiced. Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant and others scored in the nets, while the ODI side returning from the spin duo of Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal bowled. Mayank Agarwal has been included in the squad when team players tested positive for Kovid, but is currently completing his quarantine time and it is believed he will be able to rejoin the rest of the squad only on match day.

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