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IND vs PAK: Pakistan failed to beat India in Asian Cup for 8 years, know when team India won


Asian Cup, IND vs PAK Head to Head Record – India TV Hindi News
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Asia Cup head-to-head record, IND vs PAK


  • India unbeatable in last three matches against Pakistan in Asian Cup
  • India has never lost against Pakistan in the Asian Cup since 2014
  • India has advantage over Pakistan in Asia Cup overall

Asian Cup, IND vs. PAK: The big match of the 2022 Asia Cup will be played between India and Pakistan on August 28. Both teams will start their campaign with this match. We tell you that this time the Asian Cup is played in T20 format. This is the second time after 2016 that this subcontinental tournament has been organized in a T20 format. The last edition of 2018 was played in ODI format. The Indian team has the advantage in the overall head-to-head record between India and Pakistan.

In the T20 Asia Cup format, only one match between India and Pakistan has been played so far (February 27, 2016). In this match, India defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets. Overall, 14 matches (ODI and T20) have been played between India and Pakistan in the Asian Cup. India has won 8 matches while losing 5. There is no result of a match. India’s last loss against Pakistan in the Asian Cup was on 2 March 2014. That Asian Cup was played in the ODI format and Pakistan defeated India by a wicket. Since then, India has won on all three occasions.

All those 14 times India-Pakistan met in the Asian Cup

date Format Result Event
April 13, 1984 ODI India won by 54 runs Sharjah
October 31, 1988 ODI India won by 4 wickets Dhaka
April 7, 1995 ODI Pakistan won by 97 runs Sharjah
July 20, 1997 ODI without results columbus
June 3, 2000 ODI Pakistan won by 59 runs Dhaka
July 25, 2004 ODI Pakistan won by 59 runs columbus
June 26, 2008 ODI India won by 6 wickets karachi
July 2, 2008 ODI Pakistan won by 8 wickets karachi
June 19, 2010 ODI India won by 3 wickets Dambulla
March 18, 2012 ODI India won by 6 wickets mirpur
March 2, 2014 ODI Pakistan won by 1 wicket mirpur
February 27, 2016 T20 India won by 5 wickets mirpur
September 19, 2018 ODI India won by 8 wickets Dubai
September 23, 2018 ODI India won by 9 wickets Dubai

If we talk about the overall record between India and Pakistan apart from the Asian Cup, there have been a total of 200 matches between the two countries. Which includes 59 Tests, 132 ODIs and 9 International T20s.

Overall head-to-head record (IND vs PAK)

Format total matches indian won pakistan won tie/tie/no result
ODI 132 55 73 4
Proof 59 9 12 38
T20 9 6 two 1

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