IND vs PAK: How do Indian players feel when the national anthem is played? Rohit-Surya and Virat said their hearts

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  • Indian players spoke about the national anthem
  • Words cannot express the spirit of the National Anthem
  • Virat Kohli relives memories of the 2011 World Cup

IND vs. PAK: During the Asian Cup 2022, the team’s national anthem is played before the start of the match. The National Anthem is a source of pride for all countrymen. Because of this, Team India players have spoken their hearts out about the importance of the National Anthem in the game. The players told how they feel when the country’s national anthem is played before the big matches.

Difficult to put this feeling into words: Rohit

Indian team captain Rohit Sharma said in an interview to Star Sports that the feeling of representing the Indian team cannot be put into words as it is a big deal for him. Rohit said: “Every time a player represents his country and when the national anthem is played on the pitch, your whole body becomes hairless.” It happens to me even more because I go out to the draw as captain. It is a great feeling that cannot be described in words. The team’s star batsman, Suryakumar Yadav, also said that even after the national anthem ends, he feels goosebumps all over his body.

What did Virat say in the National Anthem?

When former team captain Virat Kohli was asked this question, he said that when he was part of the India team during the 2011 World Cup and when he was heard playing the national anthem as a member of the Indian team, he felt unity. he felt a sensation that he had never experienced before.

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Virat Kohli said that ‘I have never felt such a sense of unity and energy combined in one place. Listening to the national anthem, my whole body gets goosebumps. Everyone on the field is singing the national anthem, everyone’s focus is the same that India has to win the match. That energy is really powerful. During the national anthem, there is no other thought in the minds of the people. During that time you can feel the energy and emotions of the crowd. Like the national anthem before the match in Mohali and Eden Gardens during the T20 World Cup 2016. These are some of the moments that are very memorable for me. The energy generated in the stadium by the national anthem propels you to victory.

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