IND vs ENG: Did Virat Kohli withdraw from England Test series because of Anushka Sharma?

The Indian team suffered a defeat in the Hyderabad Test against England. Rohit Sharma-led Team India lost by 28 runs on the fourth day. Virat Kohli was not part of this Indian team. Also, the former captain will not be able to take part in the Visakhapatnam Test. In fact, before the start of this series, Virat Kohli had withdrawn his name from the first two Test matches. However, it is not clear why Virat Kohli withdrew his name? Is Anushka Sharma the reason Virat Kohli withdrew her name?

In fact, there are claims on social media that Virat Kohli had to withdraw his name because of Anushka Sharma. However, it was said at the time that Virat Kohli could not play in the first two Test matches due to personal reasons, but is Anushka Sharma responsible for Virat Kohli not playing? How much truth is there in these claims going viral on social media? Although the reason for withdrawing Virat Kohli’s name has not been revealed yet, it is believed that Virat Kohli’s mother Saroja Kohli is ill, which is why this player has decided to withdraw his name.

It is alleged that Virat Kohli’s mother Saroja Kohli has been suffering from liver problems since last September. After this, Saroja Kohli will be treated at CK Birla Hospital in Gurugram. Despite this, Virat Kohli decided to play. However, Saroja Kohli’s condition is not very good at the moment, her condition is deteriorating day by day. Therefore, Virat Kohli decided to withdraw his name to live with his mother. However, no official information has been released regarding this news, but it is believed that this is probably the reason.

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