Increase in the price of gasoline: state aid cannot be ruled out, according to Bruno Le Maire

Guest of RTL on Tuesday, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire assured that the government could make an effort to compensate for the increase in the price of fuel.

“On diesel and gasoline, if the surge continues, we will have to react,” he said. “We did it on gas and electricity, so if it is necessary to do it on fuel, we are ready to do it,” he added, referring to the energy checks that were generalized in 2018.

Prioritize electric

If he left a door open for government assistance to offset the increase in the price of gasoline, the Minister of the Economy specified that the priority remained to encourage the switch to electric.

Subsidizing “electric vehicles and fast charging stations” thus corresponds to the State’s ambitions to strive for green growth.

Since January 2019, the price of Unleaded 95 has climbed by 17 cents and now reaches 1.58 euros / liter on average. The symbolic bar of 2 euros / liter has also already been crossed in certain service stations, such as in Vendée.

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