Increase in the number of people living in ‘modern slavery’

A new research report released by the Walk Free Foundation states that more than 50 million people are still living in slavery around the world.

According to a new study published in London, the number of people who are victims of modern slavery has increased significantly in recent years, according to the Global Slavery Index published by the human rights organization Walk Free. People are living in conditions of modern slavery.

But here it is important to know what is modern slavery?

According to WalkFree, modern slavery is a set of specific legal concepts that cover forced labor, debt slavery, forced marriages, slavery and other slavery-like practices, and human trafficking.

The report stated that modern slavery is hidden from view and many people live in it in every corner of the world, every day people are cheated, coerced, or in such situations of exploitation. They are forced that they cannot deny it or give it up.

Research has shown that every day we buy products or use services that have been coerced into being made or offered, without realizing the human cost behind it. has happened

The report states that 27.6 million people in modern slavery are victims of forced labor, while 22 million are victims of forced marriage. That is, about one in every 150 people in the world is affected by it.

The report said that North Korea tops the list of victims of modern slavery, while Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are also among the top 10 countries.

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