Income tax survey continues at Sonu Sood’s home and office for the second day today

The Income Tax Department has continued the survey of actor Sonu Sood’s home and offices for the second day today. Yesterday, for more than 12 hours, a reconnaissance operation was carried out at 6 locations in Sonu Sood. So far, the IT department has not shared information about what it has accomplished in this survey.

Yesterday, the survey was conducted at 6 locations, including Sonu’s office in Juhu, Lokhandwala’s home. Teams of IT officials had started the operation since yesterday morning, although the reasons behind the action were not immediately known.

Significantly, during the Kovid epidemic, Sonu Sood earned a lot of praise from the media and ordinary people by helping people fiercely. During the Corona epidemic, Sonu Sood had financially assisted a large number of migrant workers returning home. He had also arranged food, vehicles, etc. to facilitate the travel of these workers.

Sonu Sood is also very active on social media. However, it has not responded to this survey from the Income Tax Department. The day before the income tax survey, Sonu Sood had written on her Twitter: Let’s make a new path … for someone else.

This tax poll comes days after Sonu Sood was named a brand ambassador for the school’s student mentoring program by the Delhi government led by Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has expressed his displeasure at this. He tweeted and said: “There are millions of difficulties on the path of truth, but victory is always in truth. With Sonu Sood ji, there are prayers from millions of families in India who were supported by Sonu ji in difficult times.

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