During the Funeral procession for Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Aklehassassinated on Wednesday, May 11 in a military operation in the West Bank, the Israeli police attacked those who participated in the ceremony and some attendees were injured, international agencies reported this Friday.

The coffin, wrapped in a Palestinian flag and escorted by hundreds of people, left the San Jose Hospital, located in East Jerusalem, towards a church in the Old City, to later arrive at the cemetery, where the remains of the reporter from 51 years are buried next to the grave of his parents.

“If they don’t stop these nationalist chants, we will have to disperse them using force and prevent the funeral from taking place,” an Israeli police officer threatened the crowd, according to the AFP agency.

The journalist, who had worked for the Al Jazeera network for more than 20 years, was carrying out her press duties for a military operation in a refugee camp. Despite wearing a vest that identified her as a press worker and bulletproof protection, she was murdered.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army denied having been responsible for the journalist’s death and assured that a “exchange of shots” between Palestinian fighters and members of the Israeli forces.

On the other hand, the Palestinian authorities have already expressed their refusal to conduct a joint investigation and accuse the Israeli army of being responsible for the murder.

currently facts are investigated and the results of the ballistic tests are awaited to determine which weapon the shot came from.


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