Following the killing of Kashmiri Pandits last week, a large number of Pandits residing in Kashmir once again left the Kashmir Valley and migrated to Jammu.

After the recent killings, there is an atmosphere of anxiety and fear among the minorities in the valley and once again many government employees and teachers belonging to Kashmiri Pandits and Sikh communities are returning to Jammu while many want to relocate them. To be given

Hundreds of thousands of Pandits had fled Kashmir and taken refuge in Jammu due to alleged violence against Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990s.

The Modi government had announced a special package for the return of Hindus to Kashmir under which such people are being resettled there.

Talking to local media, many said that the government had announced several resettlement plans for Pandits in the Kashmir Valley but the administration had failed miserably to provide security to them.

According to the German broadcaster, there are about 800 Hindu families living in Kashmir at present and most of these Hindu Kashmiris say that there is an atmosphere of fear at the moment but they need the support of the local people instead of the government.

It may be recalled that after three Hindus and a Sikh teacher were killed in Kashmir Valley last week, the administration of Kashmir Valley came into action and police arrested hundreds of Kashmiris for questioning.

According to Indian media, about 700 Kashmiris from different areas have been arrested in this regard till Monday night, October 11 and this process is still going on.



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