Incidents inside and outside a bowling alley

As he knew UnderlinedIt all started in the early hours of this Sunday in a dance hall near Rincón and Ciudadela Old Town.

Pictures circulated on social networks showing how the events came about. A video shows the fight within the establishment. But outside, the lack of control remained. In another video, you can see how the town’s private security guards attack the person they called “the cause of everything.”

From what they said Underlined According to those in charge of the bowling alley, the young man in question began destroying everything within the premises and had no choice but to forcibly remove him.

Despite being asked to leave, he remained outside and reprimanded the security forces.

Those in charge of the bowling alley said that the police were called about ten times, but they never showed up. They also pointed out that they did not justify the violence that occurred later. The young man started throwing things at the door of the bar and when security came out there was another lack of control. Already on the street you can see how private security forces are violently attacking.

In mid-January of this year, Police Chief Richard Cabral announced at a press conference that patrols and troop presence would be increased in the center and old town, especially during the closing times of nightclubs and bars, i.e. “between 4 and 7 a.m.”.

The Directorate of Coexistence and Citizen Security also reported that it was “devoted to solving the problem that arose around the dance halls in the area, following the incidents in which the police had to use non-lethal ammunition.”

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