In which country do we find the best postal service?

Delays ? Lost letters? An overpriced package? While it is quite common to complain about the mail and its hazards, on the other hand, we rarely wonder who has the best postal service. Yet this is what the Universal Postal Union does every year, at the global level. To establish its ranking – which focuses on 168 countries in total – it takes into account four elements: reliability (speed and predictability of distribution), international reach, relevance and resilience of services in the face of digital transformation.

As this infographic from our partner Statista shows, for 2021, no suspense: Switzerland leads for the fifth consecutive year. Postal services also seem to be a regional quality, since German and Austrian postmen complete the podium. Japan is not far, followed by… the French Post. The United Kingdom, or even Canada, are for their part less well rated.

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