In Venezuela, the leader of the opposition says he is the victim of “an ambush”

In Venezuela, the tensions between pro-Maduro and pro-Guaido do not weaken. The latter, leader of the opposition, said on Saturday that he had been attacked by “violent groups” linked to the government during a tour in the province.

The incident occurred during a meeting in a restaurant with activists from opposition political parties in the town of San Carlos, in the agricultural state of Cojedes “It was an ambush”, said Juan Guaido in a video he posted on Instagram.

“Violent small groups”

Videos and photos of the incident have been shared on social media. In one of the videos, Juan Guaido can be seen being pushed out of the restaurant amid shouts and jostling. The opposition leader accuses the regional leaders of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) of having “led small violent groups”.

“We are deeply concerned by the unprovoked attack” against Mr. Guaido and his supporters, said on Twitter the head of American diplomacy for Latin America, Brian Nichols. “Those responsible for this attack must be brought to justice,” he added. The opposition leader is recognized by Washington as Venezuela’s interim president, but he failed to oust the socialist leader from power.

Journalists linked to state media said for their part that Mr. Guaido would have been attacked by his own supporters, which the leader of the opposition described as “infox”. A similar event occurred last weekend during a visit by Juan Guaido to Maracaibo, Zulia state, when a meeting between activists turned into a fight, with chairs flying in the streets. airs and exchanges of blows.

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