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In this country, the vaccination program against Covid-19 has been stopped

“Spring has arrived, Danish population’s vaccination coverage is high, and the epidemic has reversed. […] The (Danish) National Board of Health is now ending extensive Covid-19 vaccination efforts for this season,” the local health authority said in a statement on Wednesday, April 27, reports CNBC on Friday, April 29, reporting that Denmark becomes the first country in the world to halt its Covid vaccination program. However, this is only a temporary interruption, since the authority recalls that it will probably be necessary to vaccinate again against Covid-19 in the fall, in particular if the virus continues to mutate.

In fact, the Danes will no longer be invited to be vaccinated from May 15, but everyone will be able to complete their current vaccination program. The Covid vaccination campaign in Denmark had started at the end of 2020. Some 4.8 million citizens have been vaccinated, the health authority said, and more than 3.6 million people have received a booster injection. Another element which explains this decision: the level of immunity within the population would be high, many Danes having been infected since the Omicron variant became the majority, advances the Danish authority.

The pandemic is not over yet, says WHO

Vaccination remains recommended for people at risk, defined by the Danish authority as people over 40 and unvaccinated pregnant women. This announcement comes as the Covid crisis is far from over in the world.

If France, like the rest of Europe and the United States, has loosened the grip of restrictions linked to Covid, China continues to impose strict containment measures, as in Shanghai. In France, the peak of the last epidemic rebound has passed for ten days and the epidemic has begun its decline, according to data from Public Health France. On April 14, the World Health Organization (WHO) recalled that “we are still in the middle of this pandemic, we all wish it weren’t the case, but we are not at an endemic stage”.


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