In the US teachers increase workload to deal with inflation

In recent months, Shivani Dalal had to make several changes in your life. With inflation eating away at her educator salary, she was forced to cut your household budget and look for a second job.

The teachers in arizona They are among the lowest paid in the United States. The union in this southwestern state became one of the most affected by the increase in the cost of living in the country, which goes to the polls next Tuesday to elect governors, legislators and other regional positions.

The economy, mainly affected by the high inflationis at the center of the fight for votes.

Dalal, 27, says that during the summer "it was ok but ok fair". After paying rent, car credit, and utilities, he had barely 400 dollars to live, quite a challenge in a country where food prices have quadrupled in recent months.

Although in September he received a Salary increaseDalal is worried that services continue to increase and that next year she will have to continue paying her university loan, a reality for many young people who aspire to be professionals in the United States, which does not guarantee free higher education.

To make ends meet, this teacher took a second job and campaigns for Democrats after school, pushing her workload to more than 70 hours a week.

"Working so much is very stressful"He says Dalal, who begins to consider moving back to his parents’ home in California due to the economic situation.

Post-pandemic inflation is particularly problematic in Arizona, where its capital, Phoenix, saw the country’s highest price increase in August, an impressive 13% year-over-year.

"bill you" 
Kareem Neal, 48, spent half her life working with students with disabilities and finally landed her dream apartment, with a sweeping view of downtown Phoenix.

Despite being a renowned teacher in the state, even achieving national recognition, Neal has had to Supplement your teaching salary by working as a transportation app drivernightclub bouncer and even as a motivational coach.

But the rise in prices in the last six months has consumed his ability to save just as he is approaching 50 years of age. In order to guarantee his retirement and the ability to purchase a home, Neal considers readjusting his budget.

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"It takes its toll on you, will the day come when I stop working two jobs?"Neal wonders. "Will the day come when I can rest a little more and enjoy myself a little more as I get older?".

With the midterm elections just around the corner, Neal is frustrated.

"I have lived in Arizona for 23 years and since I got here I see politicians saying that they are in favor of public education and that teachers deserve better salaries"comment.

"I’m not convinced"he adds, referring to the low raises that the teachers’ union has received for years.

At his high school, several of his colleagues quit their jobs. The situation is common in the state, which at the start of this school year had more than a quarter of vacancies in the education sector, according to the Arizona Association of School and Administrative Personnel.

Paul Tighe, spokesman for the institution, reported that "many school districts have brought teachers from the Philippines"as well as from India and Vietnam, among other countries.

In a bid not to lose any more teachers, this summer Northern Arizona University launched a mentoring program that allows students to learn the profession alongside educators in classrooms, without paying anything up front for their master’s degrees.

Students receive a scholarship the first year and a teaching salary thereafter, but must teach in Arizona for at least three years.

For Aisha Thomas, 25, this alternative is "A great relief" economic.

"If I weren’t in the program, I would have to take out a loan to pay for college, in addition to other expenses."he adds.

The creators of this residence plan to hire at least 100 trainee teachers per year and hope to expand the collaboration to include housing assistance.

"This should allow them to survive the ravages of inflation that they now face."said director Victoria Theisen-Homer.

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