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In the US, four out of 10 believe in UFOs

UFO captured by military.

42% of American citizens believe in UFOs, revealed a New Ipsos poll. In addition, one in ten citizens affirms that he has seen an unidentified flying object.

Last Wednesday, three veterans assured that the United States has information about the UFO phenomenon and non-human biological objects.

I was made aware, in the course of my official duties, of a multi-decade program to recover FANI (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon) crash debris and reverse engineer it,” said David Grusch, a former US intelligence official.

I made the decision, based on the data I collected, to report this information to my superiors and multiple members of the general inspectorate, and become a whistleblower,” he explained.

The Ipsos survey, which reports on the supernatural beliefs and experiences of the population, indicated that approximately three in 10 (28%) at some point have awakened from sleep with the sensation of a strange presence in the room, and one in in four (25%) have seen or believe they have been in the presence of a ghost.

He stressed that beyond this experience, two out of five (39%) believe in ghosts.

In addition, in the last month, 15% of Americans used an artificial intelligence chat or text program, the pollster said in its report.

Before the press that questioned him on Wednesday if there is life beyond Earth, the spokesman for the White House National Security Council John Kirby, He said that he does not have an accurate position on the matter of the FANI.

What we believe is that there are unexplained aerial phenomena that have been cited and reported by Navy and Air Force pilots,” he said, adding: “We don’t have the answers as to what these phenomena are.”

The Office of All Domains Anomaly Resolution has “so far found no credible evidence of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology, or objects that defy the known laws of physics,” Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the office, testified in April. of the Pentagon established to identify the FANI.

The US government, however, has begun to take the issue of NIAPs more seriously in recent years.

NASA held its first public meeting on the matter in May and urged a more rigorous scientific approach.

We are not alone and the US authorities are hiding the evidence, Grusch asserted in his hearing before the US Congress.

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After that in the Congress of the United States three ex-military revealed testimonies about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that had never come to light, hundreds of people referred to the controversial issue, among them, Jaime Maussan, an expert on the onvi phenomenon.

In his official social network accounts, he assured that this testimony will change humanity and the entire world because we are at a historical watershed, since it is certain that the Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial beings.

Maussan, who for years has studied the UFO phenomenon, stressed that the truth was hijacked by the American Union and the military.

He considered that what follows with the beings of other worlds is an eventual communication with humans, for which he called to be prepared.


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