In the United States-Canada in 3 days, the income of ‘Priyatma’ is 44 thousand dollars!

Despite the dominance of Hollywood movies, Bangladeshi movie ‘Priyatma’ is doing good business in theaters in Canada and the United States. The movie grossed $44,000 in its first three days of release. Which is about 48 lakhs in Bangladeshi taka.

In a press release, the president of Swapna Scarecrow, the international distributor of the movie. Aliullah Sajib informed this information.

Oliullah Sajeev said, ‘Priyatma’ has got an opportunity to be released in Canada and America on July 7 in 42 theaters due to the peak summer season of Hollywood movies. The movie grossed $44,000 in its first three days and is the fourth highest opening ever for a Bangladeshi film at the North American box office. New York’s Jamaica Multiplex has been forced to give the largest hall to Preetuma due to the pressure of the audience. 7 shows in one day instead of 4.

He said, ‘The show at AMC John R 15 in Michigan is being sold out from the first day. The ‘Priyatma’ viewing festival is also going on in Toronto, Canada. Here such a great success of ‘Priyatma’ is a big event. In addition, the movie is doing well at AMC Neshaminy in Bensalem, Northeast Philadelphia and AMC Fullerton in Greater Los Angeles.

The best news is that Priyatama entered the second week with all these.’

This is the most talked about Eid movie in Bangladesh, Canada and America in 151 theaters worldwide.

The movie ‘Priyatma’ is directed by Himel Ashraf. Kolkata’s Idhika Pal has shared the screen with Shakib Khan.

For the first time, a movie theater in the United States has posted a Bangladeshi movie poster on its social handle

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