In the second week, the show of ‘Pathan’ also declined at multiplexes

Shahrukh and Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Pathan’ was released in Bangladesh after breaking through many hurdles. There was a buzz about the movie from importers to hall owners. But the day after the release of the movie in Bangladesh, the hall owners started seeing darkness in their eyes.

Because on the first day the visitors were interested but most of the country had no interest on the second day. As a result disappointed with this movie. Hall owners told Kal Kantha that the film is old, online, so the audience is less.

Pathan’s business in multiplexes was good last Friday and Saturday but collapsed from Sunday. Star Cineplex authorities canceled the show in the second week due to the collapse. Last Friday seven shows were held in most branches but from today (May 19) four shows were held.

In the first week, Star Cineplex had a total of 34 shows across all its branches. By the second week it was reduced to 21. Mejbah Uddin Ahmed, senior manager of the media marketing department of Star Cineplex, told Kal Kantha on Friday afternoon, ‘Our tickets were sold out on Friday and Saturday of the first week. Then when the working day starts, the visitors start to decrease. And in the second week we have to release the new Hollywood movie, we need it. Pathan’s show had to be reduced for this.’

He said, ‘We had a total of 34 shows in the first week. Coming to the second week, we have kept Pathan’s daily show at 21:00. In fact, we have to release new movies in our country.’

On the other hand, the field level business of ‘Pathan’ was found to be doing business in multiplexes, but could not do business in single screen theatres. Although Ananya Mamun is claiming to be associated with Hindi movie imports, the hall has increased in the second week. And this week no movie of Bangladesh was released. Naturally, new Hollywood movies have taken place in multiplexes.

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