In the name of G20 security, Modi government has planned the massacre of Kashmiris

India’s Modi government has once again prepared a heinous plan to kill innocent Kashmiris in the name of foolproof security of the G20 Summit to play bloodshed.

According to the details, the Modi government has started a series of mass arrests, detentions and forced disappearances even before the G20 meeting, and since April 21, more than four thousand Kashmiri Muslims have been arrested, including more than five hundred. Women are also included.

According to reports, fifty-year-old Mukhtiar Hussain Shah was also martyred by police violence in Mendhar area on April 26. The Modi government declared it a suicide to cover up the martyrdom.

The hired journalists have also been instructed by the Indian government to write the incident as suicide in the newspapers. In this regard, the audio tape of Amrajala newspaper editor Manmohan Lal has also come to the fore, in which Manmohan Lal is giving instructions to journalist Balkarsingh to paint the incident as a suicide.

In this situation, the question is being asked whether the countries gathered in Srinagar for the G20 meeting will remain silent on the serious violations of human rights by the Modi government.

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