In the film “Generation Z”, two students tell about the anguish of a youth

In the Doubs, Clément Didier and Théo Mairot, 20, tell through a feature film produced with a very small budget the anxieties of “generation Z”, the youth of today.

What is “Generation Z”? According to dictionaries, these are people born between 1995 and 2010 in a society shaped by digital technology. According to Clément Didier and Théo Mairot, two students from Doubs, the “generation Z” is rather a bunch of young people who face anguish.

In their first feature film, a fiction called simply “Generation Z”, they tell the fate of Max and Eliot, two guys from Eastern France. “In the film, we talk about bullying, which is still a big part of our characters Max and Eliot. They have a complicated childhood. We talk about poverty, depression”, says Clément Didier.

“We know that there are still quite a few young people who are in this situation. We wanted to make a film where people can identify themselves and say: “I’m not alone in this world,” adds Théo Mairot, who is studying chocolate.

To make their film with a budget close to nothing, they used what we could call the “Z” method. The students bought a camera with their savings and benefited from the help of many volunteers, cameramen, editors, sound engineers, to complete the film. To make the nightclub scenes realistic, they also posted ads on social media to recruit extras. Over 150 people responded positively. “It’s moving when you watch the scenes and see so many people like that”, slides Clément Didier, law degree student.

“Generation Z” will be screened on October 17 at the L’Atalante cinema in Morteau in the Doubs region. While waiting to find a place in the selection of festivals.

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