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In the depths of the Arctic with the documentary “Les harmonies invisibles” by freediver Laurent Marie

This film traces the expedition in the Canadian Far North of the Breton explorer Laurent Marie. It was made with his brother, the filmmaker Vincent Marie.

They fulfilled a childhood dream together. Discover the arctic world. Laurent and Vincent Marie have made this extraordinary journey into a documentary that takes the audience into another universe. The film was recently presented in Dunkirk, at the Cité de la Mer.

The invisible harmonies, it’s a fabulous 77-minute trip to the far reaches of Canada’s Far North. The exploration of the Marie brothers transports the viewer to the icy waters of a territory populated by marine mammals. We follow Laurent, the freediver, under the ice floe. “In the sea, there is a lot of poetry, they are bubbles rising from the ice, from the abyss. They are also songs with bearded seals or even narwhals. There is also the clicking of beluga whales”, tells, amazed, Laurent Marie.

Another unusual experience shared by Laurent and Vincent Marie in this documentary: their meeting with the Inuit people. A beautiful human adventure that the two brothers had hoped to experience since their earliest childhood. “It was an Inuit tale that our father told us when we were kids that was the driving force behind this expedition. It is from this fantasized image of the arctic world that we set out to discover the space, the environment of the Inuit “, says Vincent Marie.

With his association The blue soul, created in 2012, Laurent Marie has organized several expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic. The goal of these journeys is to share with a very large audience the richness but also the fragility of these territories. The documentary The invisible harmonies has been screened for several weeks in different places, in the presence of schoolchildren, to educate the young generation about the preservation of the Far North. After Dunkirk, this week, screenings are planned in other cities in France, in particular in Brest, Mac Orlan, on October 8.



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