In the 27 de Febrero neighborhood they expect an increase “Bono Gas”

Dozens of citizens residing in the 27 de Febrero neighborhood of the National District assured that they have not seen any change, neither rise nor reduction, in the “Gas Voucher” card provided by the Dominican Government as aid to vulnerable families.

For more than six years, the ‘Bono Gas’ card allows low-income people to redeem the equivalent of RD$228 for propane gas service for domestic use.

However, this figure does not represent enough for the residents of the popular sectors of the country to supply gas to their homes, especially after the rise in fuel prices.

“The gas goes up and up and the card given by the Government is getting smaller and smaller for the situation”, said Carlos García, a resident of that sector.

In response to the constant complaints that the Government received about this situation, President Luis Abinader, on February 27 in his Accountability speech, promised Dominicans an increase in the card that allows them to obtain gas service from RD$228 to RD$470.

However, the beneficiaries Felicia Domínguez, Santiago Gutiérrez, María Severa, Margarita Solano, Carlos García and Alberto Guzmán say they have not received the extension and have to put up “a few more pesos” to pay for propane gas for a month.

“I always have to pay for it, even if it’s at the end of the month, because as the gas goes up, every time it pays for less than what the card gives us, If before with those 228 pesos I used to pour two gallons, now I only do one”Margarita Solano confessed while showing the plastic of the card.

Alberto Guzmán, who lives about six houses forward, confessed that he had heard of an increase that would lead him to have RD$500 available, but he still cannot confirm the veracity of that information because in this month they have not deposited “the chelitos”.

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Of those more than RD$200 that Guzmán heard will be increased to the card, Felicia Domínguez had also found out, who hopes with a “positive mind” that it is true, because her family, made up of six people, does not give them “even for two weeks ”.

“The situation is too difficult, with that we only buy one and one more chin and I am a woman who cooks a lot for her children and who likes that everything she eats goes through the stove,” said Domínguez with a worried face.

While some people are holding out hope for the President’s promise, others aren’t sure it will actually happen.

Such is the case of María Severa. “Tell me, if the gas goes through the roof every week, how come there are people who really believe that they are going to go up,” she said.

The apparent conflict with the ‘Bono Gas’ card and its proper functioning is centered on the rise in fuel prices, due to the constant increase in the world price of oil and its derivatives, which causes an increase in the cost of gas and therefore a discontent of those covered by this government social assistance.

February 27
Last Independence Day, the President of the Republic issued several aid measures for the benefit of the most vulnerable families, but not all of them will be of immediate action.

One of the main measures applied will be the adjustment to the Bono Gas subsidy from RD$228 to RD$470 to all the beneficiaries and 400,000 more people will be added.

This amount will be enough for the beneficiaries to afford up to approximately half a 25-pound tank of gas, Abinader said.

With this, the government tries to consistently balance the beneficiary with the price of gas, said the head of state.

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