In Sweden, the ruling party approves a candidacy for NATO

The social democratic party in power in Sweden gave the green light on Sunday to a candidacy for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)thus paving the way for an application for membership by the government, jointly with Finland.

At an extraordinary meeting on Sunday, the leadership decided that the party would “contribute to Sweden’s candidacy for NATO”, the Social Democrats said in a statement, thus reversing the line always.

A green light that was expected

However, the party specifies that it is opposed to the installation of permanent NATO bases and nuclear weapons on Swedish territory, which is not required to join the alliance.

An internal consultation had revealed divisions within the party, with critical voices denouncing in particular a too hasty decision, in order to follow the Finnish calendar.

But the green light from the party leadership was still awaited. The Prime Minister and leader of the party, Magdalena Anderssonmust speak in stride at a press conference this Sunday, late afternoon, in Stockholm.

With the change of party line, a clear majority in favor of NATO is now assured in Parliament. The right was already in favor of joining the alliance and the extreme right of the Democrats of Sweden (SD) was also in favor of membership if it is done jointly with Finland.

Finland next?

Helsinki announced on Sunday its “historic” candidacy for NATO, submitted to the Finnish Parliament on Monday. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to a dramatic leap in public opinion in favor of NATO in Sweden and Finland. The two countries had been out of military alliances for decades.

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