Home World In Saudi Arabia, a child swallowed a “coin”

In Saudi Arabia, a child swallowed a “coin”

In Saudi Arabia, a child swallowed a "coin"

Riyadh: A four-year-old boy in Saudi Arabia suddenly swallowed a coin while playing.

Of Arab media Reports Doctors at a Saudi hospital have successfully removed a piece of metal stuck in a child’s esophagus that was swallowed by a four-year-old boy seven days ago.

The local health directorate said the baby was taken to Prince Mohammed bin Nasir Hospital in Jazan in southwestern Saudi Arabia and had difficulty breathing and swallowing and repeated vomiting. A medical examination revealed a coin inside the boy’s esophagus. The object appeared to be stuck.

The report said that the child was operated on immediately and the metal piece was successfully removed from the esophagus.

The local health service said the piece was a riyal coin that the child had swallowed without informing his family.

He added that the child was sent home from the hospital after recovering.

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