In Santiago it is discussed: a former Honduran president humiliated

Cruel, demeaning, preposterous, incredible and unnecessary, to humiliate a former president in this way, without first knowing if he is guilty or not, especially accused by a country that is not his. I felt helpless when I saw that unpleasant spectacle that the world saw, not only handcuffed, but full of shackles and chains they carried Juan Orlando Hernández, former president of Honduras just days after leaving power, many without knowing the truth support that barbarity, that is why each country has to be sovereign and that, I clarify, that I was not a sympathizer of his management.

Tommy Galan
He was in Santiago, very happy with his daughter Gaia, the former senator from San Cristóbal Tommy Galán, dressed very youthfully, was invited, by an important businessman from this city, to spend the weekend in the city of Corazón. They enjoyed the beauty of this area, had lunch in a well-known and very close restaurant in La Hidalga along with other guests. Tommy is a charming person, highly educated, he dominates different subjects, especially what he is passionate about, politics. Tommy was surprised by the development of this province and its many places of recreation, large industries, imposing towers and a great cleanliness that can be seen from the entrance to the city and its well-kept parks. Galán’s daughter is already six years old, daughter of the famous communicator Dominic Fuentes, a woman of great beauty, cousin of the great technicolor diva, our pride, María Montez. I have already written, Santiago has a magic that attracts distinguished personalities.

Four huge books for compulsory reading and also to decorate the spaces. These days I received the one from Oscar de la Renta, “Ser”. It’s beautiful, especially its cover. Likewise, “Alma Adentro”, an Anthological exhibition of the great painter Elsa Núñez, as well as two volumes of the electoral results of 2020 of the current president of the Central Electoral Board, Román Jáquez Liranzo, with a special, very nice dedication to myself and that of former prosecutor Jean Alain Rodríguez, “Humanization Plan of the Penitentiary System”, a great work, elegant cover. In future columns we will highlight details of these beautiful gifts, it is fashionable to place them on coffee tables so that when visitors are received they are entertained with their photos and writings. Until next time. [email protected]

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