In Santiago it is commented: new square in the “Heart City”

Wao, according to the model of the square that they will build in Santiago, it will be quite an event. I loved how modern it will be. It will turn this area into a metropolis, with its large investments, towers, supermarkets and exclusive urbanizations. The idea of ​​this great square, Santiago Center, is fabulous, it will have stores of recognized brands that are not found here, fun for children, a great hotel with all the comforts and glamor, both for local and international tourists.

Developing city
Last Tuesday, the vice president Raquel Peña was with the investors giving the first palazo, there present all the rich of this city and many businessmen, it will be ready in three years and will employ 1,800 people in its beginnings, now in the construction of one thousand five hundred. This work is located in the surroundings near the town hall, very central, where the traditional rich lived, who were invited by the way, they lived there in large mansions and moved to the exclusive Cerros de Gurabo sector and others stayed in important recently built towers near there.

Great theater
I remember how today when I attended with a long suit, twenty-six years ago to the inauguration of the Gran Teatro del Cibao, all formal dresses, the men in black, the ladies in dress, it was a novelty, they all wanted to be present, what an imposing and majestic building Since that day there are many concerts and various activities that have been presented. We must congratulate the director Luis Marcell Ricart, he is doing a great job, it must be said without pettiness, last week the great musical “Cats” was presented, on Thursday was the inaugural gala of the anniversary, when the musical ended, everyone got excited. foot, especially when they announced the various arrangements that were made to this great building. We hope that the beautiful gardens and the water fountain will be prepared.

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Felix, he had a birthday
Félix Fermín, a great player, the pride of Santiago, a gentleman, friendly, an excellent human being, the champion of the Mamey champions of the Águilas Cibaeña, had his birthday and this celebration was a social event, he enjoyed it in style with his family and with many of his friends, who are always by his side. My dear Félix Fermín is a great guy. Congratulations! I saw Yeni Berenice out there enjoying herself. Until next time. [email protected]


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