Home Entertainment In Santiago it is commented: Centro León, a great cultural space

In Santiago it is commented: Centro León, a great cultural space

In Santiago it is commented: Centro León, a great cultural space

Hi, good morning! When I was at the exhibition of the newspaper El Caribe, by the way very popular with businessmen, civil servants, judges and prosecutors, in the courtyard of the León Center, I was fascinated with the architecture of this magnificent building, which has so many spaces and environments to enjoy. Of course, it is not the first time I have gone there, since its inauguration it is the most important cultural center in Cibao, it is impossible not to go there in the afternoon, at night, on weekends, observe its exhibitions, the antique shop, participate in the many musical and cinematographic activities, go to meetings with friends, have a good conversation, put on their gala, casual or summer clothes, jeans and tennis shoes, which are the latest, that is, go for a walk and show off their outfits, as well as see the tourists who arrive by bus to learn about our culture and enjoying that beautiful garden, it is a great experience. The León Center always has diverse activities for everyone, consult its page on its platform, to find out which one to choose.


Meeting dear friends, even by phone is divine. A person who endeared himself when he was an official in the past PRD governments is Javier Peña, a long time ago he was governor of the province, director of IDECOOP and almost trustee, in his youth director of the school, in his place of origin, Baitoa, he has been married fifty-one years to a charming lady, Belgium de Peña, creating a beautiful family. In one of those important appointments they stayed living in the capital, but here they remember him with great affection, especially Javier who knew how to occupy all those positions with simplicity and without arrogance, not like many do who rise to the top and power is fleeting. Thanks to these friends who enjoy the life of Santiago through this column.


On September 2, Ricky Martin will be performing in Altos de Chavón, accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra, directed by its director José Antonio Molina. Almost nothing, this Ricky is not gross, despite the many scandals, after coming out of the closet, he maintains his public, his charisma. And who wouldn’t want to take a walk around Romana to see this star? They already tell me that there is a group of rich children who will go to this concert.

excellent journalists

The city is growing, it is important, with the progress of housing projects, towers and commercial buildings, prepared girls who offer their public relations services and events. Grisbel Medina has a great team, she even acts as the master of ceremonies and she does it very well, as well as Wendy Almonte, Marylín Ventura and Jhohanna Benoit, who, in addition to writing for newspapers, dress well, have good manners, are young, friendly, hardworking, known for the excellent work and public relations they do. Very good for these girls.

tobacco is strong

Now what is very in vogue is smoking cigars, wealthy women and men, but also young people from different social classes, there are so many bars to smoke in the monumental zone, even in Las Colinas, Santiago they opened the most recent one, Humos. Well, and not that tobacco is harmful to health? The boom is so great, that Tamboril lives on tobacco and there are so many factories, that there are many jobs and the workers dispute. Until next time.

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