In Pakistan, the suicide bomber wore a “police uniform”

The suicide bomber who killed 101 and injured more than 150 at a mosque within Pakistan’s Peshawar police headquarters was wearing a police uniform and helmet, a police official said on Thursday. the police.

The officers on duty “did not check him because he was in police uniform (…) It was a breach (in terms of) security”, declared Moazzam Jah Ansari, head of the police of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, during a press conference. The police also have a “pretty precise idea” of his identity, having made the connection between his head, found at the scene of the explosion, and CCTV images. “There is an entire network behind him,” added the police chief, explaining that Monday’s attack was not planned by its sole author.

Deadliest attack in years

Hundreds of police were taking part in a prayer Monday afternoon at the police headquarters mosque when the blast occurred, causing a wall to collapse and crushing officers.

Authorities are investigating how a major security breach may have occurred in one of the city’s most tightly controlled areas, home to intelligence and counterterrorism offices, neighboring the regional secretariat .

It is the deadliest attack in Pakistan for several years, and the worst since the upsurge in violence in the region after the capture of Kabul (Afghanistan) in 2021 by the Taliban.

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