Juan Núñez and the Dominican Baseball Federation apparently do not have much urgency in announcing the general manager and the national team manager for the 2023 World Classic, despite the fact that the event is less than a year away.

According to the president of Fedobe, there are several options for both positions, but for now the processes are at the stage of consulting the players and leaders of Dominican baseball.

“We have candidates, but I cannot mention names because if I make that mistake I would be discriminating. My mission right now is to listen, mainly to the players, who are the protagonists. I have to know what kind of people they want,” said Núñez in La Hora del Deporte, a Sunday program that is broadcast on CDN Deportes.

Núñez expressed that he should also listen to key baseball men such as Moisés Alou, Tony Peña and Junior Noboa, in addition to the president of Lidom, Vitelio Mejía, the bronze medalist leader in Tokyo 2020, Héctor Borg, to Creole coaches in the Major Leagues, among others, to make the best decisions.

Considering the proximity of the tournament, which will take place next March, in the Dominican Republic there is a fear that the country will fail for not revealing advances in time regarding the heads of the team.

Faced with this fear, Núñez stressed that “this is not a problem” because all the players are willing to be in the World Cup event.

“It would be a problem if we didn’t have players or if we were another type of country where players are scarce. They themselves are the ones who are talking and they are the ones who have the most motivation to be there”, he commented.

In the interview, Núñez was insisted to mention possible candidates for management and leadership, but the federated replied that he cannot say anything because if he does he could receive a sanction from the World Confederation of Softball and Baseball and the authorities of the World Baseball Classic.

“No other country has appointed manager or manager. Those who direct the Clásico are involved in the classification process of the last four teams that will complete the 20 that will play. When they give us the time and they tell us the date on which we can make the announcements, we will do it there, ”he detailed.

“What’s more, they haven’t even sent us the official communication of the World Classic, but at any moment they will communicate the times to make the announcements,” he said.

Núñez was also questioned about whether the Olympic Baseball Program will have an impact on the formation of the team. Hand in hand with Probeisbol, the national team won the bronze medal in the last Tokyo Games, the first and only in history for a Dominican team sport in the highest sporting event.

“For the formation of the Clásico team, the one who has that in their hands is Fedobe and we don’t play with that. We do not give up the power that the federation has. With Probeisbol we meet, we have talked about a thousand ways of how to link up in most things, ”he explained.

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“People only watch the Clásico, but we are worried that we are going to the U12 World Championship in Chinese Taipei and we have to find money. Thank God that Sports Minister Francisco Camacho approved our tickets. We are going to the U15 World Cup in Venezuela, the Women’s World Cup, the U18 World Cup, and the U23 World Cup. We have the Robinson Canó Cup next week and U6, U8 and U10 tournaments.”


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