In Kenya, a leopard breaks into a house and spreads panic

A leopard who had ventured far from Tsavo National Park in southeast Kenya caused panic when he entered a house, before being picked up by rangers, a wildlife official said on Friday Savage. The animal likely moved away from the park on Thursday and ventured into the nearby town of Voi, 150 kilometers from the resort town of Mombasa.

In a video shared online by local media outlet Daily Nation, eco-guards are seen transporting the tranquilized leopard – its head covered in cloth – and loading it into a car, as an excited crowd attempts to film it with their phones . A spokeswoman for the Kenya Wildlife Service referred to a “trivial” incident.

“It wasn’t a big deal. It happens all the time ”

“It wasn’t a big deal. It happens all the time, ”said Teresia Igiria adding that no one was injured. If these cases of stray animals have multiplied in recent years, it is rare that their untimely exits cause injuries. A lion caused panic in July after moving away from its habitat in Nairobi National Park to a crowded area in the south of the Kenyan capital. In February 2016, two lions spent a day wandering around Kibera, a densely populated Nairobi slum, before returning to the park. A few days later, other lions were spotted in town.

But sometimes these incidents turn into a tragedy. In December 2019, a lion shredded a man to death just outside the park surrounded by electric fences. And in March 2016, another feline was shot dead after attacking and injuring a local resident. Big cats are under increasing pressure as the capital Nairobi experiences one of the fastest growing regions in Africa. Conservationists claim that the lions lived in the area before and that it was instead the humans who settled on their lands.

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