In Jenin, the Israeli forces unleashed an apocalypse on Palestinians, 9 martyrs

Ramallah: The aggression of the occupying Israeli forces continues in Palestine, 9 more Palestinians were martyred by Israeli forces firing in Jenin.

According to the details, Israeli soldiers have killed nine Palestinians and wounded more than a dozen during the ongoing large-scale raids in the Jenin refugee camp in the northern occupied West Bank and the resulting armed clashes.

Palestinian officials say that an elderly woman was among those killed in the morning raid, while 16 people were injured by ammunition, many of them critically.

According to the authorities, only two of the martyred martyrs have been identified so far, one of whom was 24-year-old Saib Essam Zariqi and the other 17-year-old Ali. obstructed the work of ambulances and medical personnel.

Wissam Bakr, head of Jenin’s public hospital, told Al Jazeera that seeing the number of injured, it seems that such a large-scale attack has not been carried out before. shot and stopped him from getting any closer.

Bakr said Israeli forces also fired tear gas at the hospital, which landed in the children’s area, worsening the condition of the children.

The Israeli military also confirmed that an operation was carried out in Jenin on Thursday, with Israeli forces conducting a large-scale raid and encirclement of the camp in the early hours of the morning with secret forces, dozens of armored vehicles and snipers. It is also reported that armed clashes with the Palestinian resistance started during this time.

According to reports, Israeli forces stormed the Shafa’at refugee camp on a large scale, using excessive force and ransacking houses, to which Palestinian youths resisted and threw stones.

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